Id4 Fund of Funds I represents a de-risked and diversified investment, resulting from our selection of best in class funds, managed by talented VCs across Europe and the US…

Fund of Funds pipeline origination
Exhaustive and regular analysis of European unicorn cap table
  • Mapping of VCs having invested

  • Identification of investment profiles & data research: track record, funds performance, investment philosophy, team, available funds, etc

  • Shortlist of VCs matching Id4 criteria: early-stage, diversified portfolio, high returns, funds timeline vs Id4 FoF I

Leveraging an established virtuous circle
  • Id4 Angels & Seed funds success amplifying our brand visibility

  • Increasing network of top-tier co-investors through our successful deals

Alpha driven weighting with a granular focus on the most performing region for a given investment stage and theme
  • Cross comparison of  data points by theme, sector, geographic footprint and performances in order to identify the most active cities fitting our investment scope

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