Afrikrea is a marketplace to discover, buy and sell african inspired items Fashion - Art - Handicraft.

#african-fashion #marketplace


Critizr is an application that enables consumers to make suggestions or pass on ideas to retailers instead of client satisfaction surveys.



Karnott is an agri-tech company that creates SaaS and hardware for shared agricultural tools to geolocate and measure the usage of machinery amongst its co-owners.

#IoT #agriculture


Ouistock offers a peer-to-peer self-storage service in France.

#self-storage #marketplace

Les Cachotieres

Les Cachotières is a french service that allows women to rent and lease designers apparels.

#fashion-rental #marketplace


Miuros is a platform that turns Customer Support data into automated actions and actionable insights for a better customer experience.

#customer-support #data #machine-learning


(EXITED, Acquired by Webedia)

Adictiz is a developer and publisher of social games for mobile devices and the web. Acquired by webedia in 2018.