Id4 Seed funds stands out from others :

Our team's DNA is a perfect fit for family offices and private investors as we leverage our market positioning in an entrepreneurial ecosystem and away from pure constrained institutional investors. This allows for maximum flexibility needed to generate optimal performance.
de-risked investements
de-risked investments
  • Diversified portfolio: no Unicorn chase obsession

  • A comprehensive set of expertise with a solid track record, resulting sound and well-informed investments in tech/digital businesses

close lp/gp partnership
close LP/GP partnership
  • GP’s skin in the game above the typical 2% threshold

  • Limited Partners benefit from exclusive co-investment opportunities screened, monitored and managed by the Id4 team

id4 seed funds
high returns
High Returns
close LP/GP partnership
  • Intense competition at Series A and onwards rounds, allows Id4 to max out valuations for its LPs

  • Premium on valuations during later rounds due to our early mover status

fast capital rotation
fast capital rotation
  • Priority focus on Europe's quickest and most disrupted industries, resulting in faster exits when compared to deep tech plays. Hence, 4-5 years average tenor as opposed to market common 10-12 years

close LP/GP partnership
No recycling
  • Proceeds from every exit are redistributed, ensuring an optimal free cashflow cycle for family offices and private investors

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