The basic of a new startup is to do something disruptive that very few people can see as viable or even feasible. You are here to disrupt the status quo, so what seems an obvious opportunity for you, won’t be for the rest of us.

That’s why fundraising at early stages is so hard. You have no metrics to backup your vision, barely a viable product and a nascent team.

So getting rejected is normal, all you need is to find someone who understands and believes in your vision, not only that but also believes your team is the one who can execute it.
Your job as founder is to get that yes, the one that will make the others follow.

One yes from a respected / credible Angel investor or VC, will make the rest of the pack raise an eyebrow, and start believing as well. It’s always the same pattern.

You will be rejected a lot, but eventually if you have a great project/team and you make good progress while bootstrapping, you will find that yes.

One example of startups with a bold vision and great success that didn’t have an easy start: Robinhood (summarized here). They kept pushing, developing their company, finally they had their first Yes, and now their multi-billion dollars’ companies.

Keep them in mind, work hard, be ambitious and eventually you will get your Yes.  

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