Neurolabs (an Id4 Ventures Portfolio company) is the start-up category winner of the UiPath Automation Awards 2020. This prize is a deep acknowledgment from experts such as UiPath, endorsing Neurolabs disruptive solutions, and more broadly, their vision to democratize computer vision (i.e. the field of study that deals with how computers “see” and understand images or videos).

Established in 2018, with offices in Scotland and Romania, Neurolabs, created a unique artificial intelligence (AI) object recognition solution. It uses computer vision and deep learning to generate data to accurately recognize objects, enabling companies to automate a wide array of repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Recognizing products on trays in cafeterias and reducing the checkout process to mere seconds
  • Individual product detection on supermarket shelves for real-time updates on inventory levels
  • Performing an initial utensil count and maintaining the tracking of surgical tools in operating theaters, etc.

While those constitute trivial tasks for people, it remains a largely unsolved issue in IT, due to the lack of data to train the data-hungry state-of-the-art computer vision models. Different from the traditional approach of manually acquiring real-life pictures and annotating them, Neurolabs relies solely on synthetic (computer generated) data, meaning, 3D model of a real object, and uses those to train the machine learning/ deep learning models. This allows for a much faster and cheaper deployment of object recognition solutions, Neurolabs claiming up to 20 times faster and 100 times cheaper.

The current sanitary crisis has pointed out how relevant Neurolabs’ solutions are, with the imperative of social distancing and reducing the number of person-to-person interactions. Yet, their technology’s application field extends way beyond, such as:

  • Quality control and defect recognition in manufacturing;
  • Localization and control in robotics;
  • Crop grading and sorting in agriculture;
  • Recycling sorting in city management.

With such wide applicability of their solution, across industries, Neurolabs is definitely a game changing start-up with a promising future.

Id4 Ventures is proud to support Neurolabs, reflecting our deep commitment in bringing forth innovative and value creative solutions to traditional industries.

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